Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the affiliate marketing field. It allows any blogger, you tuber or website owner to place the ad and earn the commission when someone buys products from Amazon using the affiliate link. My today’s article based on step by step guide to join the Amazon affiliate program and how to earn money with Amazon.

Amazon affiliate program pays up to 12% commission which depends upon the different product.

How to sign up


Click this link to sign up.

Product Linking

Product links

If you link any product depending upon the niche of your website for example if your website is about gadget reviews then you can link gadget from Amazon.

1 –  Once you are logged in you, can see product linking tab click here and select product links.

2 – Now you need to search the product that you want to promote on your site.

3 – Select the product from the search results and click on the get link.

4 – Now you can see the different options like if you want to display text and image, only text, only image. You can also customize its color and title.

Banner Link

You can also link a banner to your website on the top your header or on the sidebar or may be on the footer. The banner is not for the specific product but users can jump to Amazon website when they click. And any order they will place using your banner link you will earn the commission.

1- Click on the product linking and select the banners from the given options.

2 – Now you can see the banners of different widths and heights depending on the space available on your website.


Amazon affiliate program lets its users add different types of widgets on the website.

Your Pick

With Your pick widgets, you can put three different types of widgets on your site. Select the products of your choice place it on your site.

For example.

My favorite

1- to show your favorite product on widget click on my favorite.

2 here you can search and add multiple products to your widgets.

3- You can customize it here as you like to display on your site.


you can also display Amazon search widgets on your site.

1- select Search for the given option under to the Widgets.

2 – click on add to your web pages.

3 – here you decide the by default size, the category of products in search widgets.

Earn money with Amazon affiliate program complete guide -



You can track all your clicks and earning from the Amazon links placed on your site on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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