Google Launched  Tez, a new app in India on Monday. As there are PayTm, Bhim, Freecharge, app ruling the Indian cashless market. It is yet to be seen that if Google’s new Tez that can replace them. Today I am going to show you some unique feature of Tez app.

Features of Tez

1 – Tez app is supported by 50 Indian banks. If you need to transfer money from your account to another account, you do not need to store cash, it gets transferred directly.

features of Tez

2 – This app has a unique feature that allows users to send money without asking any personal details. For example, phone number, account no etc.

3 – It supports almost all Indian languages. So the user can choose their language and use this app.

4– To secure your Tez app you can either use Google Pin, Mobile Pin or Fingerprint sensor.

features of Tez


5– You will receive all your transaction history in details.

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