If you look around you will found a lot of write-ups about top or best web hosting service, but it is clear that almost all misses the point that if the service provider doesn’t have servers in India, how come they give us a fast loading website in India. Many bloggers have noticed the fact that we have very few Indian web hosting companies.

If our target traffic is in India, why should we have a server in USA or UK, it might be a little cheaper but a slow website is not something you want, in a world where Google dominates and already announced that they will consider website speed as one of the factors to rank a website at SERP.

It will help you, serve your website user faster as the latency will be low and content delivery will be faster.

Let’s talk about the best cloud hosting provider in India, with a data center located in India.

  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services): AWS is the company which is the pioneer in cloud hosting that provides cloud web instances to individuals, companies, and governments. AWS is offering reliable, scalable, and cloud computing services. It is none managed, so you need a techie to manage it for you, they are giving 1-year free basic cloud services as well. They have occupied 62% of the cloud market.
  2. GCP (Google Cloud Platform): This is also making ripples in the market, Google also introduced AI with their cloud services. It has announced a location in Mumbai and already acquired many customers in India. It has mentioned a reduction of 20-90% reduction of latency for end users in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Google has invested a lot in their infrastructure to acquire more space in the cloud market.
  3. DigitalOcean: Their cloud package starts at 5$ per month, and you might get 60$ of FREE credit if you apply now. DigitalOcean is one of the most popular and easy cloud platform for WordPress hosting, need less expertise to start hosting and it got data center in Bangalore. DigitalOcean recently doubled its offer for the same price and gave more reasons to host a website there.
  4. Azure: Microsoft cloud platform Azure has 3 locations to offer, they got Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, it has plenty of pre-configuration option, which makes it easy to use their services. But the pricing is not for small business or Individuals with small websites. You can get $200 free for 1 month, which gives you a chance to use their services to see the difference.
  5. Net Craft India: A less known name but cheapest off all other cloud service provider. They are basically offering shared cloud hosting packages, which is managed and most economical and easiest of all. It can be used by small business or individuals with a small website. They got their servers in Bangalore and latency is less than 100 ms for any location within India.

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