Computer security has become so important that if you don’t have any security on your computer you may lose all your credentials information from the computer. So you need to be more careful when it comes to your computer and network security. You need to follow some tips given below to have better protection.

Unique Password

You need to choose a password which is not easy to crack there are many tools which are very helpful to crack your password so you must use a cryptic password to be prepared for any such incident.

The good cryptic password is not important only for the computer login but all the sites you have any account with like email, shopping website, social media websites etc. you need to have a unique password for all the sites. The password should be minimum of 8 characters including letters, numbers and special characters.

Importance of Antivirus

There are few trusted anti-virus software’s to remove the problem of viruses and malware. For example, Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc., check these best programs are good enough to keep your computer safe from any kind of malware or unwanted software.

Many of us have very less knowledge of online website ranking and trust rating so whenever they see any advertisement or any newsletter offering you something at a very low price or almost free, you go to sign up with them and download something. But you it can also give your computer infections and viruses. So always use only trusted name because you also share your personal information with them.

This all can be managed through any good anti-virus software. You can also have the extension of installing in the browser like google chrome or internet explorer or any other to have properly scanned the site and filter it for the better use.

Use Windows built-in Firewall

You already have Windows built firewall security on your computer to have better protection so make sure it is up and running. Now you will have double layers security.

Now since everything is mostly based on the internet, securing your computer is very important. If you find anything suspicious you should immediately check if your security software is running and renewed on time, scan your computer and clean all the junk. So if you follow the above-given tips you don’t have to worry about your computer security.


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